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Angry Little Man

September 3, 2009

No, for a change the angry little man isn’t me. Not that I’m not angry, but there’s an angrier and shorter man than me floating around – a man so angry that he got his panties in a bunch when the local council insisted he fill in his date of birth on the form to register his dog… a man so short he is actually a midget dwarf little man little person. So in protest, Alan Agnew shot his dog and dumped the body at the council office. Now, the dog was his own property, so a quick ‘putting down’ like that is no big deal – it’s just a farmer shooting his dog.

Of course the council staff should have just left his DOB blank and not worried about it – he had no issue with the rest of registration process. It’s obviously a case of bureaucracy going mental, but also a case of nobody having the balls to make the correct decision. All it would have taken was a supervisor to say – “Screw it, just get his contact details and his money.” A case of everyone waiting to be told what to do, and the one person to take any initiative turned out to be a a fucking dickhead – talk about taking ‘angry little man’ to a new low.

You can imagine him going into the council and yelling out “I’m not fucken happy!” and the staff wondering which one he was.


Gas Station BROWN EYE

September 3, 2009

I’d like to pull a huge brown-eye in the general direction of the gas stations. No shit, this morning I actually caused the gas station staff to call their security people because after I filled up, I moved my car away from the pump to a parking space to let someone else in. They looked up, saw no car at the pump and were on the phone to their security tape people straight away, presuming I’d done a drive-off. Now in a way, it’s all fair enough – nobody wants some bastard stealing their product; but my brown eye is for this: people have been stealing from shops ever since shops were invented, but as soon as people start driving off with $20 worth of petrol, it makes the front page of the newspapers and turns the gas station staff into feral criminal hunters who got pissed off with me that they had to ring security back to cancel the request.

Cop this BP – long may you stare at my puckered freckle!


Anyone else sick of the anti-smacking legislation debate?

September 2, 2009

Anyone else sick of the anti-smacking legislation debate? We’ve got to have the world’s dumbest politicians… after the referendum came back with nearly 90% of those who voted wanting the law changed, we have a government too stupid to realise the amount of support they’d drum up by actually listening to the voters.

We have the Green/Red Party on the pig-stupid left,  in particular the trollish Sue Bradford, unable to tell the difference between a smack and a beating. Either that, or Bradford’s Marxist roots are showing and she just wants to tell us that the only way is the State’s way and fuck you all.

We have the likes of Larry Baldock on the right,  too stupid to insist that the referendum be held in an election year, and equally stupid if he thought that the referendum itself would make the blindest bit of difference in a parliamentary system where kissing the arses of minor parties is more important than listening to voters.

John Key seems to believe that he can go through his political career not actually believing in anything, relying instead on an affable grin. I’m going to have start calling him Jandal John because of his constant flip-flops… He was against the anti-smacking bill at one stage, and now isn’t ‘because it’s working’.  I think the 16 children murdered since the legislation was passed would tend to disagree with him on that one though.

The simple truth is that no amount of legislation will prevent piece of shit parents from abusing their children. Similarly, it would appear, no amount of public disquiet will change the laws in a supposedly democratic nation. My advice? Fuck ’em all – concentrate on raising your kids yourself, teach them to be free-thinking individuals with a sense of personal responsibility, ambition and a desire to do the right thing. Please don’t let Sue Bradford know I advocate free-thinking though, out of spite she might visit my sons and put them off women for life.