Angry Little Man

No, for a change the angry little man isn’t me. Not that I’m not angry, but there’s an angrier and shorter man than me floating around – a man so angry that he got his panties in a bunch when the local council insisted he fill in his date of birth on the form to register his dog… a man so short he is actually a midget dwarf little man little person. So in protest, Alan Agnew shot his dog and dumped the body at the council office. Now, the dog was his own property, so a quick ‘putting down’ like that is no big deal – it’s just a farmer shooting his dog.

Of course the council staff should have just left his DOB blank and not worried about it – he had no issue with the rest of registration process. It’s obviously a case of bureaucracy going mental, but also a case of nobody having the balls to make the correct decision. All it would have taken was a supervisor to say – “Screw it, just get his contact details and his money.” A case of everyone waiting to be told what to do, and the one person to take any initiative turned out to be a a fucking dickhead – talk about taking ‘angry little man’ to a new low.

You can imagine him going into the council and yelling out “I’m not fucken happy!” and the staff wondering which one he was.


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