Gas Station BROWN EYE

I’d like to pull a huge brown-eye in the general direction of the gas stations. No shit, this morning I actually caused the gas station staff to call their security people because after I filled up, I moved my car away from the pump to a parking space to let someone else in. They looked up, saw no car at the pump and were on the phone to their security tape people straight away, presuming I’d done a drive-off. Now in a way, it’s all fair enough – nobody wants some bastard stealing their product; but my brown eye is for this: people have been stealing from shops ever since shops were invented, but as soon as people start driving off with $20 worth of petrol, it makes the front page of the newspapers and turns the gas station staff into feral criminal hunters who got pissed off with me that they had to ring security back to cancel the request.

Cop this BP – long may you stare at my puckered freckle!



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